Protect your company's (and your own) reputation by getting the most of your BMS

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Protect your company's (and your own) reputation by getting the most of your BMS

A battery management system is essential for the continued uptime and health of your data center. So it makes sense that when you've bought and installed one, you get the most out of it.

We've recently published a new insights paper, How to make the most of that battery management system you just bought, and it's aimed at illustrating how to prevent your new BMS from becoming 'shelf-ware' - which basically means something that's underutilised.

Putting your BMS on the ‘shelf’ is a missed opportunity for any data center operation, when it has the potential of being ‘Protect-your-reputation-ware’ when there is an outage, or just in terms of managing your battery replacement budget.

The insights paper covers the essential actions a data center manager needs to take to make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck, and includes:

  • Sorting ownership early - it's important to determine who's taking responsibility for your BMS, so that the conditions are correct, regular reports and data reviews are done, and there's agreement on procedures.
  • Make the most of monitoring - event-based and ongoing reporting data from your BMS delivers real value. It's the heart of what a BMS does, and there's so much you can learn by keeping a close eye on the data.
  • Treating your BMS as a live resource - the trick here is to not look just at the battery, but the whole environment it operates within.

Not only do you want to prevent your BMS from becoming 'shelf-ware', you want to turn it into a tool that winds up being 'protect-your-reputation-ware'. The insights paper offers 7 important tips on how you can go about this, from making sure it's properly implemented and networked to making the most of your suppliers' expertise.

When you've got a lot on your plate after setting up or upgrading a data center, the BMS is often the first thing that gets left on the shelf, which essentially means you're not maximising your battery investment. Our new insights paper offers easy but essential guidelines on how you can get the most out your BMS and protect the reputation of your business's data.

Download the insights paper here.

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