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Determination to provide best solution for customers

The addition of battery monitoring has given Finnish data center supplier Coromatic an edge over the competition

Coromatic is one of the leading builders and installers of data centers in Finland. Their customers include telecommunications companies, industrial businesses and corporate organisations such as banks. It’s a competitive industry, and to gain an edge, Coromatic were keen to provide their customers with the whole package when it came to data centers. Previously, power continuity was facilitated by a diesel generator, but Coromatic wanted to ensure a more robust solution and combined this with UPS.

A continuous power supply is not the only demand that customers make these days. Increased control and visibility over their systems is something that most data center clients want as part of their package, and it was becoming became clear that being able to monitor the health and stability was of a UPS’s batteries was essential.

 To achieve this, Coromatic began looking at battery monitoring systems. After investigating several options, they narrowed the field to the one provider that ticked all the boxes: PowerShield. “They had the edge on professionalism in comparison to the others,” recalls Janne Puranen, Sales Director. “They provide a high quality, robust battery monitoring solution with a pricing structure that really shows the end user the value they’re getting.”

Coromatic’s journey to becoming a PowerShield reseller is documented in a new case study. It outlines:

  • The criteria they were using when investigating BMS options
  • What made PowerShield stand out from the rest
  • How becoming a PowerShield reseller has helped Coromatic to provide their customers with the best possible data center solution
  • How PowerShield have now gained a competitive edge over other suppliers in the industry

Coromatic has now become known for providing the full package when building and installing data centers. Not only that, but becoming a PowerShield reseller has helped hone their competitive advantage, leading to big customers choosing them over their competition.

Read the entire case study

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