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PowerShield Solutions is your manufacturing partner of choice for custom electronics

PowerShield Solutions’ modern facility with surface mount electronics assembly capability includes automatic solder joint inspection and selective soldering of PTH components. Additional processes can be added to provide a fully functional unit. These include bare board test, final box assembly with ultrasonic welding, plus final test and pack.

PowerShield Solutions can be tailored for most commercial operations, including make-to-order or ship on Kanban signal. Our New Zealand facilities are state of the art with highly trained and experienced staff, including technically trained Production Management and Quality Engineers.

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Electronic Assembly

PowerShield Solutions are ideally positioned to deliver high quality electronic assemblies. We have a modern surface mount manufacturing line that is capable of meeting a wide range of international certifications. We also help ensure a price / value point that will achieve your objectives.

We offer:

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Two layer SMT Assembly, including:

  • Parts placement - our machinery ensure high speed and high accuracy
  • Reflow solder for lead and lead-free profiles
  • Automatic inspection of solder joints
  • Automatic selective solder
  • Solder paste stencil print

Multiple testing options, including:

  • A bare board test, and;
  • A pre-assembly functional test


Final Assembly

PowerShield Solutions provide experts in small embedded product manufacture. We harness innovative technology for completing box build, quality assurance processes, bare board tests, functional tests and various combinations. We collaborate with partners and client product engineers to engineer customised test systems, and we have a variety of options for enclosure final assembly including clip fit hand assembly, and ultrasonic welding for waterproof or high reliability applications. We also have highly productive semi-automatic assembly workstations using fasteners.

We can assist in design for manufacture using quality assurance steps throughout the process.


Our services include:

  • Automated assembly where relevant to design
  • Semi-automatic assembly using customised solutions
  • Manual assembly
  • Quality checking to high standards of accuracy


Testing & Packing

Quality assurance is key in any electronic product. We have deep expertise in embedded system test and report, for both pin bed Printed Circuit test and for functional test.

Test design is also important, and we work very closely with customers to get it exactly right. Typically we integrate testing with data collection via the use of barcodes which are scanned at end of SM manufacture and during any testing operation. This enables both parts traceability to any level the customer requires and provides proof of test records for later evaluation should that be required.

Finally, at the end of assembly and test we can incorporate packaging steps to ensure least handled product but maximum certainty that all production processes have been completed correctly to specification –see logistics below for more details.


Purchasing & Logistics Support

Because most electronic assemblies contain several hundred components, we understand the importance of materials sourcing and managing the supply chain. These are some of the key capabilities of PowerShield Solutions.

The supply chain utilises state-of-the-art Lean Manufacturing processes from end-to-end. From forecasting linking through our component supply partners, to our manufacturing here in New Zealand, to end customers, we manage the process from start to finish.

Our approach to our customers is that of a partnership, meaning that when you partner with PowerShield solutions, you'll have access to our network of supply chain partners. This helps to reduce inventory, lower costs, improve responsiveness and deliver high quality products on time, every time.

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We offer:

  • A Final Functional test, which includes test data collection
  • Barcode application and tracking, which integrates with other processes such as packing

Packaging, either:

  • Final customer packaging, or;
  • Bulk packed for shipment to system integrator

Benefits of manufacturing in New Zealand

New Zealand is uniquely placed to manufacture electronics for world-wide marketing.

Have a look at what we offer:

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  • A high level of geo-political stability which means production is not likely to be affected negatively by the current pandemic or economic situation
  • New Zealand is out of lockdown for Covid-19 and likely to remain so
  • Your intellectual property is well protected in NZ with a high level of compliance with well-developed IP laws
  • Highly educated and very able English-speaking workforce that can assist with Design for Manufacture solutions
  • A fantastic combination of high quality production combined with high levels of automation delivers an exceptional value solution. NZ value for money in high technology cannot be beaten
  • Good electronics manufacturing infrastructure with local suppliers and equipment support
  • Convenient time zones for Asia, USA & the Americas

Why choose PowerShield

PowerShield Solutions has a 20 year history of local design and manufacture of battery monitoring systems for Data Centres. Battery monitoring products are small embedded systems very similar to many other products. Our expertise is extensive, meaning our customers can benefit from our experience to support the production of their product.

Our level of automation and low overhead structure can provide excellent quality at a price point that can compete well on a worldwide basis.

As a partner, we want to integrate your manufacture into our business as if it was your own plant. This will give the best information flow and responsiveness for you to operate in a business environment where sales predictability levels are low and the need for response time to be short has never been greater.

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Quality Production with a Fast-turnaround

Manufacturing of system components is done in-house, giving us control of quality and the ability to be flexible and agile for our customers.



Our level of automation and low overhead structure can provide excellent quality at a price point that can compete well on a worldwide basis.

PowerShield Manufacturing 5-1-1

Expertise Backed by Certifications

We have 20+ years’ experience manufacturing custom electronics. We are committed to continuous improvement, quality management and fulfilling obligations to our staff and the environment.

PowerShield's certifications include:

  • ISO9001 Quality standard
  • ISO14001 Environmental management standard
  • OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety management system certification

Modern Facility & Environmentally Friendly

We are committed to taking care of our environment. PowerShield product and packaging contains materials that are highly recoverable and recyclable.

We take the following steps to minimise environment impact:

  • Advise staff of the environmental policy and encourage them to recommend improvements
  • Reduce waste at source in all operations, encourage creative "reduce/reuse/recycle" of waste materials
  • generated in the office and dispatch (reuse packaging received from incoming goods)
  • Identify chemicals used and move to environmentally friendly alternatives