This white paper takes an in-depth look at the crucial role data centers play for modern enterprises, particularly in a post-Covid environment, and why battery monitoring is an essential component.

Now more than ever, organisations need to have confidence in their data centers. What they don't need are UPS failures caused by poor battery management. Nor do data center operators want to be continually replacing their batteries, especially when the right battery management system can extend the average battery life and avoid potential outages.

In this white paper, we provide insights around these key areas:

The evolution of the data centerPS-How battery monitoring protects the health of your data center UPS-mockup

  • The importance of real-time data processing and analytics
  • The critical role of data centers in supporting continued business activity

The escalating costs and consequences of data center downtime

  • A look at the figures and statistics
  • Why protection against outages is a top priority

The crucial role of batteries within a UPS

  • The challenge of on-site power issues
  • Disruption caused by power interruptions

Why every data center needs effective battery monitoring

  • Ongoing monitoring and regular maintenance take the guesswork out of tracking battery health
  • The range of measurements that need to be taken

Quality monitoring enables better battery management

  • Significant cost benefits
  • Optimal environmental conditions

We also take a look at how we use data to help make the best battery management decisions, and give you the confidence to make good decisions about your lead acid batteries, so you can take steps to avoid potential battery failures.

Snippet from the white paper

"At the heart of the UPS is the energy-storing battery subsystem. If this subsystem is unreliable, the ability to maintain an uninterruptable power supply is put at risk, meaning the entire operation of the data center could be in jeopardy if a mains outage occurs."


Battery management system

PowerShield8 is our best system yet for monitoring and managing stand-by battery banks. PowerShield’s continuous data sampling, reporting and battery management capability delivers reduced costs, peace of mind that you have batteries that perform when needed, and you are maximising the life of your batteries. There are four components that make up PowerShield8.

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